Milesight go the distance!

15 December 2022


HydroTerra is stoked to announce a new supplier – Milesight – to round out what has been a massive year of product expansion!

Milesight is a fast-growing tech company delivering smart IoT products including the fast growing LoRaWAN communication protocol. Milesight helps customers worldwide to optimise their businesses to be more efficient and sustainable. As the world moves towards more environmentally friendly ‘smart cities’ with hundreds, even thousands of sensors in the one integrated system, Milesight’s next level IoT strategies provide the perfect solution.

Milesight delivers products including IoT Gateways, IoT Sensors, IoT Controllers and 4G/5G Industrial Routers & Switches to offer complete device-to-cloud solutions for the growing ‘smart cities’ market.

HydroTerra is will initially be offering three of Milesight’s products:

  • UC501 LoRaWAN controller & UC502 LoRaWAN controller UC50x series is a LoRaWAN controller used for data acquisition from various sensors and equipment. It contains different I/O interfaces such as analog input, digital input, digital output, serial port and so on, which simplify the deployment and replacement of LoRaWAN networks.
  • EM500-SWLThe EM500-SWL is a submersible water level sensor designed for measuring liquid level in harsh environments and transmitting data using LoRaWAN technology. With this low power consumption technology, the EM500-SWL can work up to 10 years with 19000 mAh battery.