Case Study: Portland Landfill, Vic

22 June 2022


Project Purpose: To provide instrumentation and accurate near real-time data to help evaluate the long-term effectiveness of the Portland Landfill ‘phytocap’.

Solution: Design, install and commission a bespoke integrated monitoring system using DataStream telemetry to amalgamate, analyse and report on data from the following instrumentation supplied by HydroTerra:

  • Automated Weather Station (AWS) providing a fully weatherproof stand-alone logging system with expandable memory, an internal battery with a back-up power source as well as USB and wireless communications
  • Two tipping buckets within the lysimeter chamber, one to collect runoff from the lysimeter interior and the other to collect stormwater runoff
  • Soil moisture sensors for measuring soil moisture content installed at three locations within the lysimeter area and two locations outside the lysimeter area to provide a direct comparison
  • Soil water potential sensors for measuring soil matric potential installed at the same locations

HydroTerra also provides ongoing DataStreamTM hosting, system oversight and maintenance to ensure continuous and accurate reporting on an easy-to-understand dashboard.