Something fishy? Aqualabo’s new release!

21 July 2022


Our French pals at Aqualabo have an exciting new release to share!

Designed through customer feedback and experience, Aqualabo have designed the OPTOD Plastic which serves as a highly affordable sensor tailor-made for the Aquaculture and Fish farming industry.

The main point of difference of the OPTOD Plastic, is that it gives its users the ability to remotely operate aeration systems through a programming logic controller. The sensor does not require calibration and operates with ultra-low power technology, making it suitable for long-term projects.

The new ‘OPTOD Plastic’ sensor is now available from HydroTerra, so get in touch with one of our technical experts to learn more about this and other water monitoring tools.

What would you call a fish wearing a tie? So-fish-ticated.