Solinst device offers low-cost remediation solution

21 July 2022


The Solinst 703 Waterloo Emitter is a simple, low-cost device designed for the controlled and uniform release of oxygen, or other bio-enhancing amendments within groundwater. It encourages and sustains growth of microorganisms required for in-situ bioremediation of contaminated groundwater. The emitters are easy to instal and remove, and do not require constant monitoring, attention or electricity. It is the ideal solution for cleaning up oil (hydrocarbons) in groundwater.

The Solinst 703 Waterloo Emitter can be installed in series of wells or boreholes to ensure full coverage of the groundwater contaminant plume (see cross section diagram). As seen in the image below, a concentration gradient is set up between the ‘Tubing Membrane’ of the Waterloo Emitter and the groundwater flowing past. The amendment gas diffuses into the groundwater due to the lower concentration of oxygen in the groundwater.

Depending on the size of the contaminated groundwater plume, the Waterloo Emitter comes in three sizes (2” to 6” well radius) and it is a perfect, non-invasive approach to remediating your land!