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Solinst 703 Waterloo Emitter

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Solinst 703 Waterloo Emitter

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The Solinst 703 Waterloo Emitter is a simple, low-cost device designed for the controlled and uniform release of oxygen, or other bio-enhancing amendments, to encourage and sustain the growth of microorganisms required for in-situ bioremediation of contaminated groundwater.

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The Solinst 703 Waterloo Emitter enables steady, direct diffusion of oxygen into an aquifer through pressurized silicone or LDPE tubing.

The 130cm long Solinst 703 Waterloo Emitters are available to fit 50mm, 100mm and 150mm wells. They can be installed in open wells, or they can be permanently installed with sand packs in boreholes or trenches. They can be installed individually or stacked one on top of another and are also effective in horizontal applications. The Emitters are effective at any depth below water.

The PVC frame accommodates the insertion of monitoring or sampling devices for observing groundwater conditions during the remediation process.


• Oxygen release for aerobic bioremediation of BTEX and MTBE

• Hydrogen release for anaerobic reductive de-chlorination of solvents

• Introduction of dissolved SF6, argon, etc. for use as tracers

• Release of CO2 for pH adjustment

• Light alkane release to promote co-metabolic biodegradation of MTBE

• Plume migration barrier, primary remediation device, or polishing

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1.8", 3.8", 5.8"

Maximum pressure

LDPE Tubing: 100 psi, Silicone Tubing 20 psi

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