How deep is your probe?

21 July 2022


For soil moisture measurements, it is hard to go past Sentek’s EnviroSCAN probe. It is suitable for many applications including agriculture, vineyards, environmental applications, gardens and parks, research and education. EnviroSCAN is the only commercially available product that allows monitoring to depths ranging from 10 centimeters to 40 meters!

Some of the key features of the EnviroSCAN include:

  • Sixteen sensors at 10cm intervals
  • Supported sensors include soil moisture, optional salinity and/or temperature and access tube humidity
  • Probe and access tube
  • Inbuilt probe orientation and depth settings to increase sensor repeatability
  • Flexible connectivity for wide range of data retrieval options

EnviroSCAN is available with two different top cap designs. The Screw Cap protrudes above ground making it easy to locate and readily accessible for servicing. The Flat Cap allows for the probe to sit flush with the ground surface, thus avoiding costly damage from machinery.

EnviroSCAN supports a range of telemetry options ranging from USB access to cellular and even satellite communications. Data is then available for display on a desktop or smart device via IrriMAX or IrriMAX Live.