Click for easy decision-making on complex monitoring technology

14 September 2023


Over the lifetime of HydroTerra (nearly 20 years) there has been an explosion in the number of environmental monitoring technology providers. Against this changing landscape, our vision, and our challenge, have been to build a marketplace of select suppliers of monitoring technologies, to provide the industry with choice and exceptional support. Our goal is to ensure our clients are not overwhelmed with the diversity of choices available.

To help us provide good guidance on technology and product selection for our customers, we have embarked on a significant project, progressively evolving our website to become a powerful selection tool. This allows us all to select technology based on measurement categories, technology functionality, and application. Importantly, it’s also about providing guidance on what can be integrated to achieve a system that combines the best sensors, telemetry and Internet of Things (IoT) available. To this end, we are excited to launch the first of our modular integrated IoT systems

In the end, it’s about embedding our knowledge, and that of our suppliers, into the website to help us, to assist our customers with these complex decisions. So, when you are looking at your next monitoring application, please check out our website, and give us a call at (03) 8683 0091, so we can support you with your technology selection and potential integration decisions.