Is your garden healthy?

16 February 2023



The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) have launched a very interesting new program called Garden Safe! The establishment of this program is part of a global initiative that helps you determine any potential contaminants in your garden to determine the ideal use for it.
So, what is Garden Safe? Garden Safe is essentially a soil screening service where residents can take soil samples from their garden, send it to the EPA and have it analysed by EPA scientists. The scientists assess the soil samples for trace elements and to determine general soil quality.

– Soil texture
– Composition
– Nutrients
– Organic Carbon

If you are growing fruit and vegetables in your garden at home, utilising Garden Safe is highly encouraged. The findings will help the EPA to understand the general soil health in residential gardens across Victoria. This is extremely important as it will help to reduce potential risks of contaminants. The only cost associated with having your soil samples analysed is the postage cost! Victorians can send three soil samples from their gardens to be analysed.
The EPA scientists will then analyse the samples and create a short report detailing the results and will also include a guide on how to interpret these results. Participants are also able to access information on growing fruit and vegetables in their garden .

If you want to know more about the new Garden Safe initiative, click the link: