Hot demand for Ambisense GasfluX

16 February 2023


We have had a heap of interest in our Ambisense GasfluX units this year! Currently, we have 13 units in our rental fleet and they have been going out the door like hotcakes! The AmbiSense device is capable of measuring gas parameters continuously, can be solar powered and connects to any well head fitting. Typical applications include:

  • landfill gas and biogas
  • coal seam mining
  • contaminated land and indoor/outdoor air quality.

The system is specifically designed to be connected to telemetry and interfaces directly to HydroTerra’s DataStream platform.

AmbiSense designs and manufactures smart, field-deployable, gas monitoring instruments & networks. The technology is non-invasive, requires no operator involvement and provides a continuous flow of accurate data, accessible to customers on any device. AmbiSense represents a superior methodology when compared to current industry practices, both for compliance monitoring on licensed facilities and for optimising yield on bio-gas utilisation plants.