Game-changing logger helping monitor coral reefs for the effects of climate change

19 October 2023


The Great Barrier Reef stands as one of the world’s seven natural wonders and is home to the most extensive coral reef ecosystem in the world. However, the consequences of climate change pose an imminent risk to its existence. By 2050 the reef could be destroyed because of rising surface water temperatures, heightened ocean acidification, and low oxygen conditions.

Understanding the changes to the reef over time is key to managing, and ultimately protecting the reef for future generations. This is where PyroScience’s AquapHOx comes in.

Using the AquapHOx underwater logger, we are able to look at coral reef patches and generate high-quality in-situ data that demonstrates pronounced diel (organism abundance and density) variations and other important environmental variables (such as temperature, oxygen and pH) driven by irradiance and tidal changes. The AquapHOx logger can easily be deployed in shallow and deep-water conditions and can be used across a variety of time periods, from a 24-hour cycle to a few months.

The AquapHOx logger is changing the game for monitoring our reef. It is significantly enhancing the knowledge of physicochemical dynamics on coral reefs under normal, and climate change-related stress conditions.

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