National Water Week 2023

19 October 2023


Starting from Monday, October 16th, the Australia Water Association began their 2023 Nation Water Week, and this year’s theme is “United by Water”. The theme underscores the vital role of water in uniting us, emphasizing its significance for sustaining life, driving economic growth, supporting healthy ecosystems, and serving as a fundamental necessity.  AWA’s ongoing collaborations in water management continue to guide them in this critical domain.

If you’re eager to participate, the AWA has suggested various ways you can get involved! Such include, participating in competitions showcased by Nation Water Week, becoming a National Water Week Ambassador, or connecting your school with one of the Nation Water Week Ambassadors. Find out more information about how to get involved here.

If you’re just now learning about National Water Week, don’t worry! The event continues until this Sunday, October 22nd. If you are keen to learn more about AWA’s Nation Water Week, find out more here.