Maximising safety through drone water sampling using Hydrasleeves

15 June 2023


In the world of environmental research and monitoring, obtaining accurate water samples is crucial for assessing the quality and safety of our water resources. However, certain conditions and locations can make manual sampling difficult or even dangerous. Enter HydraSleeves – a sampling apparatus that, when combined with drones, offers a game-changing solution for obtaining water samples that were once hard to reach.

HydraSleeves have gained international recognition as a reliable technique for surface and groundwater sampling. However, certain sites and applications pose concerns for safely obtaining samples, which limited the ability to obtain samples and characterise water bodies. To overcome these challenges, a product from the HydraSleeve range now allows for sampling using a normal commercial drone.

How it works

The setup for HydraSleeve sampling with a drone consists of a stainless-steel weight, an HDPE SuperSleeve, and an HDPE cone assembly. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material not only ensures durability but makes it suitable for sampling PFAS. Furthermore, the setup can be easily configured to sample water from a desired depth, enabling researchers to target specific layers or depths of interest.

The HydraSleeve is suspended from a commercial drone and positioned above the sampling site. The drone is then lowered to obtain a water sample from the required depth. Once the HydraSleeve has been filled the drone is raised and returns the sample to the operator, ready for analysis.

Unprecedented reach and safety

One of the most impressive features of HydraSleeves with drones is the ability to retrieve water samples from depths in excess of 100 meters. This capability has proven invaluable in various scenarios, particularly in remote mine sites where manual sampling is difficult and dangerous. Pit lakes, which are characterized by safety risks such as toxic water, boat inundation, asphyxiation, and the impact of landslide debris and falling objects, pose significant challenges. In these hazardous environments, the combination of HydraSleeves and drones enables researchers to conduct crucial pit lake characterization without endangering human lives.

Pics source: A Validated Method for Pit Lake Water Sampling Using Aerial Drones and Sampling Devices (

HydraSleeves used in conjunction with drones have been a game changer for hazardous water sampling, opening up new possibilities for researchers and environmental professionals. By employing this innovative technique, it is now possible to obtain water samples from challenging locations that were previously inaccessible or posed serious safety risks. Whether it’s for remote mine sites, pit lakes or hard-to-reach offshore marine environments, HydraSleeves used with drones have proven to be a game-changer, providing valuable data while mitigating the dangers associated with manual sampling. As technology continues to advance, we can expect further improvements in sampling methodologies, leading to a better understanding of our water resources and more effective environmental management carried out safely.

Watch this video for a simple demonstration of this technology in action. Ultra Light HydraSleeve for Drone sampling

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