Top gear for One Basin CRC

15 June 2023


The One Basin CRC has moved into top gear recently.  It has a lot to get done over its ten-year duration. The CRC will have projects rolling out roughly every three years.

What has been interesting is to gain a better understanding of how the CRC will be structuring their project activities. Co-design processes will be used across the CRC projects in most cases, both during the development and implementation phases. It is exciting to see the CRC embracing this approach.

We are hopeful that the approach will help the CRC avoid some of the concerns of some commentators about CRCs generally that while the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) program in Australia over a long period has been a valuable interface between institutional research and industry, “The applications for CRC programs are usually research-driven – like a hammer looking for a nail – rather than by industry demand.” ( And further, “The rewards in the field of applied research must be industry success, not research evidence.”