HydroTerra’s Service Level Agreements – Ensuring maximum reliability & satisfaction

11 July 2024


HydroTerra’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are designed to ensure the highest levels of service reliability and client satisfaction. These agreements provide a clear framework for the maintenance and operation of our clients’ environmental monitoring systems. By establishing SLAs, we set clear expectations for system uptime, response times, and the resolution of any issues that may arise. This structured approach helps us deliver consistent and reliable services, ensuring that our clients’ monitoring needs are covered.

Our automated monitoring solutions provide real-time oversight of platforms and services to ensure system uptime is in line with the chosen SLAs. This includes the continuous logging and surveillance of system performance allowing the Support Team to identify potential issues before they escalate. The automated nature of our monitoring systems ensures that we can provide timely interventions, maintaining the optimal functioning of all systems under our care.

Our support services encompass a helpdesk for issue and request management, with a focus on resolving issues within agreed timeframes. We employ robust metrics to track the performance of our support services, ensuring that all inquiries and issues are handled efficiently and routed to the right team member. This structured approach helps us maintain high levels of client satisfaction and operational reliability in line with the Service Level chosen by the client.

HydroTerra’s DataStream™ sets a new standard for whole of site data management and visualisation. This secure, customized platform integrates various data types, providing comprehensive reporting capabilities. DataStream™ offers flexibility and security, enabling seamless data aggregation and advanced data visualisation, ensuring that our clients can easily interpret and act on collected data.

For further information on HydroTerra’s SLAs or to arrange a demonstration of our DataStream, please give us a call on (03) 8683 0091.