HydroTerra’s Range of Stygo and Yabby Modular Systems

11 July 2024


HydroTerra’s range of Stygo and Yabby modular systems are the perfect solution to monitor data from a range of sensors. These small and compact modular integrated systems have been deployed in many different sites across Australia and around the world.

With large deployments in Queensland, Western Australia, and even a pair of two Yabby’s in Laos! Our Stygo/Yabby 1s are capable of interfacing with Modbus capable sensors like the Seametrics PT12. The Stygo/Yabby 1s can also be deployed for rain gauge monitoring, tank level monitoring, or for use in water level monitoring in dams and lakes. These units are cellular and are perfect low-latency, low power operations.

For more powerful applications, the Stygo/Yabby 3 range features a rechargeable internal battery system but can be upgradable to a larger solar system for more higher-powered sensors like the Stygo/Yabby 1. These telemetry units are also compatible across a large range of Modbus enabled sensors, such as the Seametrics CT2X, PT12 and the WNK range of sensors.

Coupled with the best support and engineering in-house, HydroTerra’s range of modular systems are the best choice for your monitoring needs. Call our sales team today on +61 (3) 8683 0091 for more information.