Introducing Ture Carlson

25 April 2022


HydroTerra welcomes Ture Carlson as a new Field Technician.

Ture joins our band of dedicated wanderers who travel from office to landfill, to farm, to mine site and back again, monitoring and reporting on water.

The diversity of the role suits Ture to a tee, having an eclectic background across a multitude of professions (including educational theatre performer!), before settling on a specialisation in groundwater.

Ture studied both at the University of Montana and Monash University and now holds a Bachelor of Science – Geoscience. He brings with him not only a unique technical expertise, supported by two years working in a water quality lab, but also a deep passion for the environment and a drive to preserve our natural resources.

Ture lists Glacier National Park in Montana as his favourite place.