Keeping an eye on the Yarra River

25 April 2022


HydroTerra has recently commenced a capstone project with RMIT and the Yarra River Keeper Association to review and scope improvements in Yarra River monitoring.

There are many organisations endeavouring to improve the health of the Yarra. Unfortunately, the State of the Yarra and its Parklands 2018 Report highlights that despite our best endeavours, there is a continued decline in catchment health.

Specifically, of 36 indicators measuring the health of the Yarra Corridor, it is reported that just 3 per cent have been given a ‘good’ status while 51 per cent have been given ‘poor’ and 26 per cent ‘unknown’. Along with this, 31 per cent of the data quality is considered ‘poor’.

The lack of quality data and the declining health of the river are a clear call to action. This report highlights the need for evidence-based science that includes cultural, social and economic indicators, linked to biophysical indicators, to inform better policy and natural resource management.

The report produced from this capstone project will focus on identifying established indicators, strategies, technologies and opportunities to overcome the lack of clear data on the health of the Yarra corridor.