Solutions for all your monitoring challenges

26 March 2022


The beauty of HydroTerra’s business model is that we provide end-to-end solutions for clients.

Rental often plays a major part in delivery, either to fill gaps where things have broken down, provide technical support to troubleshoot issues, or provide an entire integrated package from scratch. You could write a book about the bizarre challenges our clients have encountered!

Here are some examples of our rental fleet of integrated solutions and how they perform:


Ambisense Ambilytics

A cloud-hosted data storage platform for Ambisense monitoring sensors. Ambilytics lets you see all your data in context, which means you’ll no longer have to jump between tools and custom views in excel templates or more basic software. It gives you a single, comprehensive view of your entire pool of data in full context. Ambilytics is an almost infinitely scalable software and can bring great efficiencies and better outcomes to projects ranging from a single site to large multi-site projects. HydroTerra provides support for this cloud-based monitoring system.

Ambisense Ambilytics


Unidata Neon Logger

The Neon Remote Logger Cellular connects to sensors in the field, collects readings from those sensors, logs the sensor data, provides control functions and transmits the collected data to a central server via a cellular phone network. The 3004MC/3006MC Neon Remote Logger Cellular is programmed in the field with a Unidata standard program called a scheme. The scheme specifies how often and for how long the datalogger should collect data from the sensors and how often the data should be sent to the server. Control outputs are also set up in the scheme by setting up custom events.

A wide range of sensor types are supported. Control of external equipment (such as triggering a relay when a user defined event occurs or initiating a shutdown), can be accomplished via Open Drain FET output.

Sensors are connected to the logger via pluggable terminal blocks, allowing for easy removal of the logger if servicing is required.

Unidata Neon Logger


Unidata 6537 Starflow QSD SDI12 and Modbus Instrument

Used to measure water velocity, depth, temperature and conductivity of water flowing in rivers, streams, open channels and large pipes. When used with a companion Unidata IP data logger, flow rate and total flow can also be calculated.

The 6537 Instrument is robust, reliable and easy to use. It is completely sealed against water ingress, low maintenance, low power, and does not require calibration and fussy power arrangements. Ultrasonic Doppler Principle in Quadrature Sampling Mode is utilised to measure water velocity. The 6537 Instrument transmits ultrasonic energy through its epoxy casing into the water. Suspended sediment particles, or small gas bubbles in the water, reflect some of the transmitted ultrasonic energy back to the 6537 Instrument’s ultrasonic receiver instrument that processes this received signal and calculates the water velocity.

Starflow QSD Ultrasonic Doppler Flow