Landslide disasters be gone!

17 August 2023


How Sentek’s Deep Install EnviroSCAN can save the day

Each year, flooding and landslides account for nearly half of all global natural disasters, and without any early-warning system, these can be extremely dangerous. Now, Sentek’s Deep Install EnviroSCAN Soil Moisture Probes are here to save the day. By monitoring slope stability, dam safety, flood alerts, railway and roadway safety, mining slopes and groundwater recharge, these highly effective probes can safeguard against potential catastrophes.


Mining Slope Monitoring

Mining processes generally involve the mass movement of soil and other materials and the creation of deep pits with steep slopes.  Monitoring water levels in these slopes is vital as water levels impact the shear strength of soil and can increase the probability of landslides.  EnviroSCAN Deep Install Probes are a proven early warning system in this application.

If you are interested in slope stability in mining, the Australian Centre for Geomechanics is holding a conference in November.

Slope stability in mining




1976 Teton Dam collapse in Idaho USA

Dam safety monitoring

The 1976 Teton Dam collapse in Idaho USA caused 11 deaths and $2 billion in damage, underscores the gravity of, and necessity for dam wall monitoring. Using Sentek’s Deep Install EnviroSCAN, dam wall integrity can be assessed by monitoring and alerting site operators to any potential breaches in the infrastructure quality.





Monitoring landslide alerts

Monitoring slope stability shear stress using EnviroSCAN Probes can assist in identifying the risk of a landslide occurring and help prevent disasters. If technology such as this had been deployed in 1997, Australia’s worst landslide at Thredbo could potentially have been avoided.





More about the products

Sentek’s Class 18 EnviroSCAN Sensors and Access Tubes are designed with deep applications in mind and have been successfully installed in sites deeper than 20m.  The Sensor with Tubing is designed for long terms use, whereby the access tube protects the sensors from direct soil contact with various bases to suit a pre-drilled, slurry or self-tapped hole.


Senteks Class 18 EnviroSCAN sensor and tube



  • Monitors moisture, salinity and temperature at any depth in a profile
  • Add a TRISCAN sensor with Humidity/temperate to provide advance information on water entering the probe
  • Thicker tubes can withstand crushing (due to pressure)
  • Repairable: Sensors can be removed, repaired, and replaced as needed
  • Flexible: Sensors can be moved and placed at different depths
  • Extendable: Tubes screw together to create watertight access tubes of any length
  • Depth Access: Successfully installed to monitor sites deeper than 20m (65’)

To view the range of Sentek products head to the Hydroterra Website.