New tech revolutionises acid mine drainage monitoring

17 August 2023


Acid mine drainage (AMD) poses a significant environmental challenge, especially in mining operations where sulphide minerals are abundant.  When these minerals are exposed to air and water during mining, they react to form sulfuric acid, which dissolves harmful metals and metalloids, leading to water pollution and devastating impacts on aquatic life.  The need to monitor water quality in AMD applications is crucial to assess the extent of contamination and protect ecosystems and human health.

pH monitoring plays a pivotal role in AMD applications.  The pH level directly affects the solubility of metals, making them more accessible for uptake by aquatic organisms and fish, thereby entering the food chain.  To address the importance of pH monitoring and its role in environmental protection, we have introduced a groundbreaking technology to our monitoring marketplace – the calibration-free pH & EC sensor by UK-based company ANB Sensors.

For good reason, the new sensors are in high demand, particularly in mining!

The sensors are revolutionising the mining industry by drastically reducing the operational costs associated with frequent manual calibration. The sensors continuously track and compensate for any changes in real-time, ensuring accurate and reliable pH measurements. This capability is crucial for identifying potential issues early on, preventing severe environmental degradation, and reducing the long-term costs associated with water treatment.

Moreover, ANB’s solid-state sensor technology enhances the efficiency of pH monitoring in demanding aqueous media.  Unlike traditional glass electrodes, the solid-state sensor can be stored wet or dry. This innovation provides a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution for long-term remote monitoring in harsh environments.

When we consider that the sensor can be deployed autonomously or integrated into various sensing platforms, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in remote locations with telemetry, their popularity is not surprising.

The introduction of ANB’s Calibration-Free pH Sensor marks a significant advancement in environmental monitoring technology.  Its autonomous calibration, robustness, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness make it a valuable tool for accurately assessing and mitigating the impacts of acid mine drainage in mining operations.

HydroTerra is proud to provide cutting-edge solutions for addressing environmental challenges in the mining industry, promoting sustainable practices, and safeguarding aquatic ecosystems for future generations.

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