Big mining clients benefit from long-term deployments

17 August 2023


HydroTerra manages more than 80 ‘Yabby’ solar satellite floating level sensors across 10 sites throughout NSW and Queensland. These are mainly deployed on mining storages for level measurement using Low Earth Orbiting satellite connectivity. Some of our clients include Glencore, BHP, QCoal, Santos and Queensland Government Abandoned Mines Group. Our clients are thrilled with a range of benefits from using these durable water level sensors including cost savings, improved safety and improved data quality.

Through extensive research and selective partnering, HydroTerra can now offer even greater benefits to mining clients through our integrated modular systems that incorporate the latest technologies enabling long-term deployment for remote monitoring of level and water quality. The innovative and bespoke packaging of the best available solar floating level and water quality sensors with nanosatellite IoT solutions now brings even greater reductions in maintenance, calibration and associated financial liabilities on mine sites.

One popular integrated package for long-term deployment for water level and quality assessment of EC, pH, Turbidity, TSS and Temperature includes:

  • Yabby   – A solar-powered satellite floating level sensor with IoT sensor hub. Waterproof with an ultra-rugged housing and lightweight aluminium brackets
  • ANB Sensors – Calibration-free pH and EC sensors
  • Phathom sensor – Turbidity/TSS Polypropylene sensors with Jet Nozzle for automated cleaning

A HydroTerra News article in June, titled Dam(n) good monitoring for managing mines’ noted that conservative estimates suggest by removing the need for manual site visits for a site using 15 level sensors, the floating level technology can save mining operators $1 million annually.

Now, in addition to this, there is considerable extra cost savings to be found when using low-maintenance, no-calibration sensors.  ANB has determined their no-calibration sensors are 70% cheaper to operate and maintain than traditional pH sensors.

Our mining clients now can save millions of dollars each year and improve safety and quality of data through our integrated modular systems. More information can be found on our website.

Integrated modular system for water level & water quality