Marketplace for landfill technology and services

18 May 2022


HydroTerra’s marketplace offers a comprehensive range of ground gas monitoring technology solutions for purchase or rental, which can be found in the ‘Products’ section of our website. Our range of services associated with monitoring and technology integration can be found in the ‘Services’ tab and the ‘Sectors’ area provides a full description of our end-to-end services for all landfill compliance and operational needs.

Here’s a run through of some of the technologies for landfill monitoring available for purchase and/or rent from HydroTerra.


Gas monitoring

    • Gasclams & Ambisense for continuous landfill gas monitoring (for sale & rent)
    • GA5000 for spot measurements (for sale & rent)
    • Inspectra laser for fugitive emissions surveys (for sale & rent)




Leachate monitoring

  • Pressure transducers and bubblers for continuous leachate level measurement (options for rent & sale)
  • Water quality sondes for continuous storm water & leachate characterisation, for example YSI EXOSs & EXO Multi Parameter Sondes (options for sale)
  • Water level and interface meters for spot measurements (options for rent & sale)
  • Water quality meters for spot measurements (options for rent & sale)



Groundwater monitoring

  • Dedicated and portable low flow sampling equipment
  • Continuous water quality and level sondes





Dust monitoring

  • Continuous particulate monitors using nephelometers
  • Dust deposition monitors for sampling for laboratory analysis




Data management

  • SampleServe for automated reporting of compliance monitoring
  • DataStreamTM for automated operational monitoring of leachate, groundwater, landfill gas, equipment, landfill operations




What else would you like to know about landfill monitoring? We’d love to hear any of your questions. Please email us using the below enquiry form or call on 03 8683 0091.