Lessons from Myriota

15 June 2023


Huge thanks to Daniel Franklin from Myriota who last week shared his incredible knowledge about satellites and IoT and how they’re being used to improve water monitoring!

His fascinating presentation taught us that:

  • Satellite constellations have changed dramatically in recent years.
  • The trend to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) & micro-satellites is well underway.
  • Direct-to-Satellite IoT systems are enabling devices to transfer short messages to and from anywhere in the world using secure networks of satellites that orbit Earth.
  • This has overcome the previous challenge of not being able to access data from remote areas.
  • Remote areas no longer pose a monitoring challenge as satellites achieve global coverage.
  • Global coverage provides an opportunity for massive economic growth and resource sustainability, particularly when it comes to managing water.
  • With global monitoring now a reality, it is estimated we can eliminate significant water losses, saving up to $39bn USD every year.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to IoT and satellite monitoring. To find out more, you can watch the full HydroTerra webinar by clicking below.

Thank you again to Daniel for a great presentation and thank you to everyone who attended and asked questions! We hope to see you at more of our future webinars.