New groundwater sampling training courses open!

19 October 2023


Registrations for HydroTerra’s new Groundwater Sampling Training Courses are now open!  Numbers in each course are limited so be quick to register, and learn from expert trainers about good decision-making, tried and tested processes, and the best equipment and methods to use to ensure reliable, trustworthy data.

The Groundwater Sampling Training Course is delivered in two parts:

Part 1 kicks off with a live webinar that sets the scene for why groundwater sampling is important, what elements are key to successful data collection from the planning phase through to analysis, as well as the relevant standards and guidelines. It then progresses with online self-guided lessons covering data integrity, bore gauging, purging methods and equipment, sampling methods and equipment, and covers the in-field steps required for conducting groundwater sampling.

Part 2 is a workshop where students learn face-to-face with our trainers in Cheltenham, Victoria, gaining practical experience handling and using low-flow and bore purge sampling equipment. Other locations for this workshop can be arranged. Just give us a call (03) 8683 0091.

The lessons are designed by our leading environmental monitoring services team for engineers, technicians, and works supervisors in convenient, comprehensive, and engaging lessons.

The Groundwater Sampling Training Course is the first in a series of environmental monitoring training courses being developed by HydroTerra to address the shortage of capable trained personnel for environmental monitoring, particularly in engineering consultancies.

HydroTerra’s Training Courses are supported by the Australasian Land and Groundwater Association (ALGA) and earn CPD points.

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