Smart aquaculture system optimizes productivity.

19 October 2023


Aquaculture Farms. Image source:

Innovation and sustainability are at the core of a collaboration between HydroTerra’s supplier, Aqualabo, and Korean company ODN Corp, which has helped optimise productivity and cost savings in marine and fisheries industries.

The partnership aims to address the low conversion of aquaculture industries to smart technologies, which has exacerbated the effects of increases in labour and fuel costs and, because of manual data collection, has also lead to significant environmental damage.

Both Aqualabo and ODN Corp have provided key components to an integrated smart buoy system that measures water temperature, pH, salinity and dissolved oxygen (DO) content in a timely, accurate and environmentally friendly manner.

Aqualabo’s multi-parameter probe, TRIPOD, is integrated into an ODN Corp smart buoy system, powered by solar energy, and using recycled batteries from EV waste.

The communication system relies on the LoRa IoT network, ensuring reliable data transmission. The data collected by ODN Corp is then merged with publicly available data to provide a comprehensive overview of the marine environment. All sensors are accurately calibrated, ensuring reliable and high-quality measurements.

ODN Corp smart buoy system

This collaboration offers many advantages. In addition to low power consumption, ideal for stand-alone installations, Aqualabo’s TRIPOD offers easy integration through the open Modbus protocol. This sustainable solution helps optimise productivity with accurate information about the location of the aquaculture and the aquaculture data itself.

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