AquaRead acquisition boosts HT marketplace

19 October 2023


French-based company NKE Group has acquired one of HydroTerra’s premium suppliers, AquaRead.

AquaRead’s and NKE’s individual product ranges are extensive. Together, their collection of precision products is unrivalled. This is great news for HydroTerra and our customers and partners, as it expands our marketplace of environmental technologies and opens the door to many other exciting opportunities.

AquaRead is a highly reputable manufacturer of water quality measurement and monitoring solutions, and works across the globe in surface water, groundwater, wastewater, and aquaculture.

Meanwhile, the NKE Group comprises two companies: NKE Instrumentation and NKE Marine Electronics. NKE Instrumentation designs, manufactures and sells instruments for the measurement and monitoring of oceans and freshwater. NKE Marine Electronics develops innovative instrument systems dedicated to improving the navigation and performance of sailing boats. NKE’s instrumentation portfolio includes sensors, display, autopilot and chart plotters.

NKE Group also has a strong environmental and social focus, supporting causes such as the fight against climate change and high-tech innovation to assist navigators.

HydroTerra welcomes the news of the acquisition as it further reinforces our strategy of being the leading provider of environmental monitoring technologies in Australia while helping to create a more efficient and sustainable future. We are excited to represent both companies, NKE Group and AquaRead and to bring this comprehensive product range to our customers.