Smart engineering and technology important for closed landfills

19 October 2023


It’s more important than ever to consider alternatives to traditional landfill closures if we are to build resilient and sustainable cities according to Andrew Green, Technical Executive, Geo-Environmental Engineering at WSP.


Speaking at our most recent webinar, Andrew said in a world of elevated land prices and increasing regulatory burden, using innovative engineering to generate an income for the ongoing management of closed landfill sites, provides a compelling value proposition.


Some of Andrew’s key takeaways include that we now have:

  • Many examples of successful after-use to draw on, which show us there are now many alternatives available for closed landfills, including development over and adjacent to them
  • Examples of successful developments including for the formation of parks and open space, battery storage, viewing platforms, golf courses, commercial developments, and grand prix tracks
  • Key trends in climate change, society, technology and resources that indicate we need our cities and environments to be future-ready
  • A need for long-term vision, smart engineering, and smart monitoring
  • A need to be future-ready to deliver peace of mind, lower lifecycle costs and ultimately greater resilience.

A huge thanks to Andrew for sharing his incredible knowledge about municipal landfills and the rehabilitation challenges associated with their development.

You can catch up on the webinar here:  Optimising the long-term benefits of landfill