Electrifying HydroTerra’s service!

16 November 2023


We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our vehicle fleet – a new Peugeot Partner Van Electric Vehicle! We’re all charged up about how this cool van is going to help us serve our Rental clients better when delivering and collecting equipment.

Why are we so excited about it? Well, it’s not just a van – it’s an electric van, and that makes a big difference:


  • Environmentally friendly: Zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution
  • Cost savings: Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Quick acceleration: Faster deliveries!
  • Instant torque: Smooth driving experience
  • Reduced noise: Quieter operation and less noise pollution
  • Energy efficiency: More efficient use of energy compared to internal combustion engines

HydroTerra is all about being eco-friendly, cost-effective and efficient, and our new Peugeot Partner Van Electric Vehicle checks all these boxes. We can’t wait to see how it enhances our service for our rental clients. It’s not just a van; it’s a game-changer!