Introducing the WiSens Datalogger Range by NKE

16 November 2023


Having recently signed as distributor for French company, NKE Instrumentation, we are now pleased to reveal some of their exciting products to you. First up, is the WiSens datalogger range.


WiSens CTD datalogger measures Conductivity, Temperature and Depth

NKE has released the WiSens datalogger range of 8 products with impressive capabilities for measuring temperature, pressure, conductivity, salinity, turbidity, acceleration, and even tides and waves. New parameters are being added to this suite soon, including dissolved oxygen.








WiSens Wave measures Temperature, Depth, Wave height and Tides

With WiFi fully integrated into the WiSens dataloggers’, they are very easy to use. They have a simple on/off switch (magnetic activation) and can be set up using any PC (MAC/Windows) Tablet or Smartphone (Android/IOS).  Data collection from the dataloggers is equally as simple using the same devices. The WiSens range supports up to two million measurements and a programmable sampling rate from 1 sec to 99 hrs.




A number of useful accessories enhance the WiSens dataloggers.

For example:

WiSens Accessories kit

The Protection Enclosure provides high resilience to shocks or collisions, allowing installation on equipment such as fishing nets and mooring points.

The Magnetic Activating Clip will activate WiFi on the WiSens allowing access via your PC / Smart Phone.


Please get in touch with HydroTerra today or visit our website to find out more about this exciting product range.