NKE Cloud System Integration

11 July 2024


NKE Instrumentation designs, manufactures, and sells instruments for the measurement and monitoring of oceans and fresh waters.

InoView is a multilingual platform that allows you to consult the data collected by NKE multiparameter probes in real time and instantaneously. It is a platform accessible to all with a simple and easy to use interface.

It allows the management of networks of several instruments in marine and freshwater environments. InoView ensures a secure access thanks to its connection interface (login and password) and the possibility to manage the different administrators and roles by the user.

All data points are saved in the cloud. The key features of InoView include real-time visualization, user-friendly platform, alarm monitoring, customizable interface, secure access and data storage, and the ability to export customized reports.

NKE’s monitoring instruments as well as Aquaread’s instruments can now integrate with the NKE cloud system with the use of Aquatel. AquaTel telemetry device automatically recognises  the device and sensors. The Aquatel houses a barometric pressure sensor for live compensations for % saturation of Dissolved oxygen readings and for depth measurement.  It allows remote configuration – every setting can be checked or updated remotely via SMS.   The built in GPS receiver geotags all recorded data and highlights its position displayed on a map in InoView.

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