New generation of NKE products on the way!

18 April 2024


The new generation of NKE’s WiSens hits the market with a number of versions and pressure ranges, catering to varying needs. This cutting-edge tool promises enhanced vertical profiling capabilities, enabling measurement of water quality at multiple depths within a water column.

Equipped with a plethora of sensors, including those for temperature, pressure, depth, water height, wave measurements, conductivity, salinity, turbidity, fluorescence (chlorophyll-a), and oxygen, the new WiSens facilitates comprehensive data collection below the surface.

Water characteristics undergo dynamic changes throughout the water column, influenced by factors like thermal stratification and external elements such as rainfall or wind. Profiling with WiSens yields spatially and temporally rich data, offering an improved understanding of the aquatic environment.

HydroTerra seamlessly integrates various water quality probes, enabling profiling from a range of platforms including buoys, boats, fishing nets, piers, bridges, and drone boats. Buoys outfitted with integrated WiSens profiling capabilities enable continuous monitoring of water quality in targeted areas and depths, with telemetry allowing for real-time data transmission.

The utilization of such automated systems minimizes manual intervention, reducing risks, labor costs, and operational expenses while ensuring uninterrupted monitoring of water bodies of interest.