Do your sampling needs cover a range of shallow wells and surface water? Look no more

18 April 2024


If your sampling needs cover a range of shallow wells and surface water, then the 410 Peristaltic Pump from Solinst is an essential tool for you. Designed for field use, the reversible flow Peristaltic Pump from Solinst is ideal for vapor sampling or water sampling from shallow wells and surface water. It can be used for vacuum pumping and for pressure delivery of liquids or gases.

Some of the standout features for field sampling include:

  • The optional 12V battery holder making this a portable unit that can be easily transported into the field for shorter duration sampling applications. This is ideal for wells where vehicle access may not possible.
  • The Solinst Peristaltic Pump features a clear pump head that allows quick, convenient inspection of the pump head tubing before and during operation. The pump head cover is held in place with quick release thumb screws, making it easy to remove for cleaning or replacing the tubing.
  • The pump has a quick-reset circuit breaker, and reverse polarity protection to prevent damage to the pump. So, if the pump is wired incorrectly, there is no damage to the pump and by simply resetting the breaker, operation is restored.

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Solinst 410 Peristaltic Pump