SampleServe saves school time and money

24 November 2022


A great case study from a private school in the USA demonstrates significant time and money savings can be achieved with SampleServe’s easy project management, mobile app and reporting software.


Achieving compliance while reducing costs, improving sampling communication and consistency as well as better management and reporting of data were the main aims for a small school in a sensitive wetland when recently reviewing their sampling program. The school has their own wastewater treatment system, which consists of a series of treatment ponds and a spray irrigation land application of the treated wastewater, requiring annual soil sampling for the school’s permit.


A consulting firm used SampleServe’s web-based project management tool to upload all sampling specifications at the outset. The SampleServe mobile field app then documented the detail of the surface water, groundwater, and the soil composite sampling, simultaneously taking photographs, and recording GPS locations. The app also printed all required sample bottle labels in the field at the time of sampling. Samples were then transferred to the lab using the included digital chain-of-custody (D-COC) process.

Upon completion of laboratory analysis, the consulting firm was able to prepare preliminary reports in minutes, including tables, graphs, data box maps, groundwater contour flow direction maps, and isochemical contour maps.


The use of the SampleServe project management, mobile app and reporting software allowed for routine field sampling to be completed 45% faster and reporting time and effort to drop by 75%, while simultaneously increasing accuracy and quality of the data being collected and reported. The software provides an simple ongoing solution for the mandatory quarterly reporting.