LevelScout 2X: Affordable and accurate water level monitoring across Australia

13 June 2024


Seametrics set themselves apart with environmental sensors by offering accurate, affordable and serviceable sensors which prologues their operating life beyond the life of the internal battery. The LevelScout 2X is no different – this sensor offers affordable, accurate and serviceable level & temperature sensor with internal logging. Made in Seattle, these loggers are backed with a 3-year warranty and have been a popular choice for many.

Internally the datalogger holds 100,000 measurements and gives high 0.05% full scale accuracy. Once the battery is nearing end of life, the battery can simply be replaced at HydroTerra or by a trained technician, reducing e-waste and ongoing costs. As an absolute sensor – there is no need for vent tubes or desiccants. This design simplifies installation and maintenance, reducing the potential for sensor damage due to unchanged desiccants and operational downtime. Customers have also praised the seamless integration with Aqua4Plus data management software, which enhances the user experience through intuitive data & sensor management.

The other key feature of the LevelScout 2X is the standard communications – Modbus RTU & SDI-12. Having standard communication protocols makes this an ideal choice for integration with a telemetered system, or if telemetry may be required in future. Given the LevelScout 2X has datalogging this gives redundancy as data is saved both in the cloud and internally on the sensor. This is ideal for critical data such as compliance monitoring applications.

In summary, the LevelScout 2X offers a blend of accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly features, making it a great choice for various water monitoring applications across Australia.

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Seametrics LevelScout 2X