The Solinst Cloud is here!

13 June 2024


The LevelSender 5 is designed to connect to Solinst Direct Read Cables and Leveloggers, upgrading your current installations by adding cellular telemetry at an affordable price. The LevelSender is compact in design and is simple to setup and maintain. Leverage your current Levelogger 5 assets and increase your efficiency by adding a LevelSender.

  • Receive email or SMS notifications
  • Data sent to your smart device & PC
  • Simple setup, operation & maintenance
  • Low cost, compact design
  • Compatible with Levelogger® hardware & Direct Read Cables

And now there is the Solinst Cloud, a comprehensive cloud-based platform for storing and managing data. Solinst Cloud is designed to adapt to your evolving needs.

The Solinst Cloud supports Solinst LevelSender network communications, simplifies setup, and eliminates the need to use email addresses. With the added capability to upload Levelogger log files to your projects, your team will have convenient access to data for decision-making. Managing and organizing all your data in one central location has never been easier, and you can expand your monitoring networks as needed.

  • Secure data management
  • Remote device control
  • Expandable storage plans grow with your needs
  • Compatible with LevelSender
  • Upload Levelogger files

This now provides a full-service data measurement, logging, data transfer and data storage solution all designed to work together to ensure your data is at hand when you need it.  Contact us today for a quote on having your data stored remotely and securely in the Solinst Cloud.