Sentek Drill & Drop (Bluetooth)

21 July 2022


Sentek’s Drill & Drop Probes are slim-line encapsulated, easy to install probes configured with soil moisture and temperature sensors. The probes measure volumetric water content and temperature at 10cm intervals, ideal for:

  • vegetable crops
  • flower farming
  • berries
  • crop research
  • tree pots
  • nurseries

The probes are available in multiple fixed lengths of 30cm up to 120cm.

Taking away the need for cables and modems, the built-in Bluetooth antenna connects to a Sentek phone app to upload the probe sensor readings. The user can then transfer the data to IrriMAX Live via either phone data or a wi-fi connection where all the data can be meticulously analysed. This avoids the need for complex, and expensive cellular, and satellite modem telemetry.

The user also has the option of adding a salinity sensor to the Drill & Drop Probe.

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