Groundwater monitoring with Solinst Pneumatic Packers

20 April 2023


Low pressure pneumatic Packers are used to isolate a discrete zone in a well or borehole to prevent the mixing of soil gas or groundwater at that particular depth. Subsurface investigations are then focused on that particular depth. At the desired depths, Packers are inflated to seal off the discrete zone. This can be done using a single Packer, to monitor the zone above or below it or a straddle Packer set up to create an isolated section between two Packers.

Solinst Low Pressure Pneumatic Packers are available in two different diameters. They are designed for temporary, low-pressure applications to monitor soil gas and groundwater.

Ideal for isolating discrete zones for:

  • Groundwater sampling and monitoring
  • Hydraulic conductivity testing
  • Minimizing purge volumes
  • Reducing well development time
  • Slug and pump tests

The Low-Pressure Packers can be used with other Solinst devices such as Bladder Pumps to minimize purge times by reducing purge volumes. This reduces the cost of water disposal and labour.

It is also important to note that this equipment requires the correct installation in order to function optimally and provide the best results. For more information on the correct installation and inflation of these Packers, click here.

The installation instructions include:

  • Single & Straddle Packer setups
  • Appropriate well or borehole sizes
  • Connecting centralizers
  • Inflation tubing & Inflation valve connection
  • Inflation pressures

If you have been tasked with obtaining accurate groundwater samples and estimating aquifer properties, make sure to check out this webinar. Joe Revelle discusses how these Packers can be used to improve your groundwater sampling and aquifer testing programs.