HydroTerra’s latest innovation – the Stygo 3 Sensor

22 February 2024


Stygo 3, HydroTerra’s latest innovation in low-powered environmental loggers, is equipped with an integrated solar panel that efficiently powers up to two sensors with low amperage (~100mA – 200mA). Its compatible with Modbus RTU enabled sensors via RS422/RS485, but also offers an array of small signal digital IO options.

This logger takes advantage of SpaceX’s cutting-edge Swarm satellites, enabling small packet transmission at frequencies as frequent as every six hours.

For added versatility, the device allows for the integration of a larger solar panel, extending its battery life for the demands of more current-heavy sensors. The flexibility of Stygo 3 extends beyond its technical capabilities, offering two configuration options: pole-mounted or buoy-mounted. HydroTerra’s engineered designs facilitate the easy integration into various environmental monitoring setups, showcasing the device’s adaptability to diverse application requirements.

Whether stationed on a pole, or floating as a buoy, Stygo 3 stands as a testament to HydroTerra’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for environmental data acquisition, coupled with the reliability of SpaceX’s Swarm satellites for seamless and efficient data communication.

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Stygo 3 Sensor