Aquaflex Soil Moisture Sensors – an Oldie but a Goldie

22 February 2024


Have a pressing need to monitor soil moisture? Then consider the excellent Aquaflex Soil Moisture Sensors. HydroTerra offer the Aquaflex range from New Zealand company, OnFarm Data. With over 30 years’ experience in moisture measurement and control systems, OnFarm Data has earned international recognition as a developer, manufacturer and supplier of premier products for a wide range of applications.

The Aquaflex sensor consists of a 3m tape that is buried in the soil and measures the average moisture over the length of the tape. The 3m length measurement totals 6 litres (370 cubic inches) of soil, giving you a representative and accurate measurement of soil moisture. Soil temperature is also measured for display and soil moisture compensation. Continuous monitoring is available by connecting the Aquaflex sensors to telemetry systems, allowing you to view data remotely via your PC or your smartphone.

An interesting application for the Aquaflex Soil Moisture sensors is for monitoring potential leakage from storage ponds in mining applications. A major mining operation in the US stores contaminated water in a network of storage ponds. 8-10 Aquaflex sensors have been installed under each pond and these are integrated into PLC/SCADA infrastructure on the site. This provides an early warning system to detect and mitigate any pond leakage, as any abnormal soil measurements automatically raise an alarm that activates the leak mitigation system. This allows the mining company to continue operations whilst meeting environmental standards and business sustainability targets.

You can check out their Soil Moisture Sensor on our website.

Soil Moisture Sensor

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