HydroTerra webinars. What’s coming and what’s been?

22 February 2024


We have had two great webinars this month already. On Friday, February 2nd, we were joined by the Chief Environmental Scientist of EPA Victoria, Mark Taylor. Mark’s webinar generated substantial interest, pulling in over 300 registrants, continuing our strong start to the year. In this webinar, Mark spoke to us about some of the work that the EPA is doing in environmental monitoring. He provided some interesting examples of some of the projects and initiatives that they are currently involved in.

If you didn’t get a chance to see Mark, you can view the full webinar on our website or YouTube channel via the link below.

Mark Taylor's webinar

On Friday, February 16th, we were joined by Carolyn Hall from the Mulloon Institute. The Mulloon Institute’s vision is to achieve sustainable agriculture and environmental restoration through the implementation of innovative land management approaches. Carolyn’s webinar expanded on this vision in great detail. Mulloon’s mission is to reconstruct resilient landscapes capable of ensuring food and water security while nurturing thriving ecosystems. If you want to learn more about this, view Carolyn’s presentation in full via the link below.

Carolyn Hall's webinar

We have plenty more exciting webinars in stall for you. The first of which is tomorrow! Founder of Environmental Earth Sciences International, Phil Mulvey joins us to speak about understanding landfill leachate. Register by clicking the banner below.