System design success comes from best component assessment

22 June 2022


When designing an integrated monitoring system, HydroTerra has found it is very rare to find a single technology manufacturer to meet all a particular project’s system needs. This is precisely why we have worked so hard to establish a network of integrated systems partners.

Our partners provide one or more of sensors, data logging, telemetry, data hosting, reporting and alarm notifications. Whilst these partners in themselves may provide turn-key solutions they are best viewed as components of a system. HydroTerra provides the objectivity to select the most suitable combination of technology partners to achieve a project outcome. We can provide the best of the best from beginning to end.

“The most common mistake clients make is to purchase a system and expect it to maintain itself!” according to HydroTerra Managing Director Richard Campbell. Importantly, HydroTerra provides an ongoing DataStreamTM Service Level Agreement (SLA) for remote oversight and system maintenance. For more information please contact Senior Project Engineer Yik Cheong or Rental and Workshop Manager John Guo via the email enquiry form below.