Next webinar: Calibration free pH sensors revolutionise water quality monitoring

15 June 2023


While it’s amazing to think how precisely we can measure water quality today, there are still some fundamental challenges that experts around the world have been trying to overcome for better effectiveness and greater accuracy. One such challenge has been when measuring pH in fields such as water management, mining, and ocean monitoring. Existing pH technology, the glass electrode, has been around for almost 100 years. While the glass electrode is the accepted go-to sensor for pH measurement, it suffers from a fundamental operating issue – the need for manual calibration because of reference electrode drift. Reference electrode drift reduces the accuracy of the sensor and adds significantly to the sensor’s operating cost.

But this is one challenge that we can now tick off, thanks to ANB Sensors. Our next webinar guest presenter – Mark Pritchard from ANB Sensors – will be explaining just how their new pH sensor technology has evolved, the features and benefits, and how the new age sensors are being used to improve water quality pH sensing in multiple sectors around the world. This technology is game-changing! Not only do ANB’s revolutionary pH sensors produce reliable data with less intervention, they are also far easier to transport, store and use. The sensors can be deployed for extended periods of time and carry out autonomous sensing while being operated and maintained for 70 per cent less cost than the existing technology.

Come along and learn how this new technology is revolutionising water quality monitoring and to hear first-hand stories from Mark’s experiences. Mark, the Chief Commercial Officer at ANB, has a diverse international background, having worked in the UK, USA, Australia, South Africa and Belgium. He has managed Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) factories in Taiwan, Korea, China, Europe, and North America. Over his career, Mark has established a fantastic professional reputation and we are very lucky to have him join us at 12.30pm AEST on Friday 23 June for what promises to be a fascinating presentation.

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