Landfill gas learnings from the best

17 August 2023


For those who missed our webinar on 28 July titled “Don’t forget about your landfill gas!”, here are some of the key things we learned from Dr Victoria McKay, Analyst & Technician from Landfill Gas Industries (LGI) Ltd:

  • Landfill gases contribute to a large portion of our greenhouse gas emissions, significantly contributing to climate change. Notably, methane, which makes up a substantial proportion of landfill gas, possesses a staggering 28 times the global warming potential of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).
  • We can capture these landfill gases by using proven technologies such as vertical and lateral well installations, flow lines and manifolds, ring mains and manifolds along with enclosed flaring systems. These can generate immediate, irreversible, measurable carbon abatement.
  • Captured gases can then be used to generate power through the installation of gas engines, gas turbines, and batteries.
  • There are financial incentives and environmental credits that make capturing landfill gas an obvious solution to reduce our greenhouse impacts.
  • Good monitoring is critical for optimizing systems and substantiating reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • What’s the point of waiting…Even three decades after landfill closure, a mere 50% of landfill gases are captured. This underscores the pressing need to adopt these technologies.

These insights represent just the tip of the iceberg in the realm of landfill gas capture advantages. To learn more, we invite you to watch the complete webinar.

Don't forget about your landfill gas