Microbial Insights

Microbial Sampling and laboratory characterisation

Microbial Insights (MI) is an environmental biotechnology laboratory specializing in the development and application of cutting edge molecular biological tools to describe and quantify microbial populations. Since 1992, MI has become a leader in the application of nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) and lipid biomarkers (PLFA) for more effective evaluation of microbial processes ranging from bioremediation to microbiologically influenced corrosion.

Microbial Insights Australia was launched in 2013 to better serve our clients and offers a full spectrum of molecular biological tools including qPCR, QuantArray®, In Situ Microcosms (ISMs) and Stable Isotope Probing (SIP). Sample preparation and extractions are performed upon receipt at the MI Australia laboratory just outside of Adelaide eliminating international shipping.

Our goal for Microbial Insights Australia is to ensure that our unmatched molecular tools and services are available and accessible to end users in Australia.

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