New water level temperature sensor released

19 October 2023


Solinst’s new 301 Water Level Temperature Sensor, for groundwater and surface water applications, is finally here, and is available to order from HydroTerra next week.

The Solinst Water Level Temperature Sensor is a compact, all-in-one submersible hydrostatic level transmitter that provides continuous, stable and accurate water level and temperature readings for a wide variety of applications.

The key benefits for customers are:

  • Modbus/SDI12 output, allowing direct connection to HydroTerra telemetry devices
  • Easy integration into existing SCADA or PLC systems
  • Comes in an absolute (non-vented) or gauged (vented) version
  • Highly accurate. It is factory calibrated to NIST traceable standard

The Water Level Temperature Sensor is suited to a large number of applications. For example, the Water Level Temperature Sensor can be used to measure hydrostatic liquid levels, long-term, in:

  • Groundwater, wells
  • Rivers, canals, lakes, reservoirs, seawater
  • Drinking water
  • Wastewater
  • Industrial and marine tanks and vessels
  • Stormwater structures
  • Landfill and other contaminated outflows

Communication cable assemblies are available in lengths of up to 300 metres. The cables are easily and securely attached to the sensor using a threaded connection.

Full product details coming soon to the HydroTerra website. In the meantime, you can check out the datasheet here or view our entire range of Solinst products:

HydroTerra's Solinst Range of Products Solinst 301 Water Level Temperature Sensor Datasheet