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Dual Membrane Passive Diffusion Sampler (DMPDB™) Information


EON’s Dual Membrane™ Passive Diffusion Sampler (DMPDB™) is the world’s number one PDB for sampling virtually any analyte.

DMPDB™ samplers obtain representative discrete interval samples of nearly any dissolved compound in groundwater without purging or pumping, including; VOCs, SVOCs, Metals, Ions, Cations, Inorganics, and the compounds of emerging concern, 1, 4 Dioxane and PFAS.  Effectively reduce sampling cost and eliminate investigation derived waste at any groundwater sampling site.

 DMPDB™ Design Features

  • Two separate semi-permeable membranes around a single sample chamber allow virtually any molecule dissolved in groundwater to diffuse into the DMPDB.

  • Perforated support tube provides strength and maintains sample volume in high ionic groundwater conditions.

  • Semi-permeable LDPE membrane holds deionized water and allows transmission of VOCs into sampler.

  • Large-pore upper membrane allows entry of virtually any analyte into the sampler, for a complete water sample.

  • Built-in connection points facilitate easy attachment to the suspension tether using zip-ties

  • Easy to empty. Just puncture with our “Juice-Box Straw” and empty directly into lab bottle.

  • Filling port for field, lab, or factory filling.

  • 1.75-inch diameter fits 2-inch Schedule 40 wells.

  • Lengths up to 28-inch provide sample volume up to 650-ml.

 Why Use the DMPDB™?

  • Sample for a wide range of analytes (not just VOCs).

  • Reduce sampling cost 50%-70% by eliminating field time spent purging and sampling

  • Eliminate the cost of purge-water and investigation derived waste (IDW) disposal.

  • Easy and quick installation and recovery helps in high-traffic areas and for Social Distancing

  • No expensive, complicated, or bulky equipment to purchase, maintain, or mobilize.

  • Obtain depth-specific concentration profiles.

  • Reduce sampling error and improve repeatability.

  • A Greener sampling method. Less disposable material, no batteries, gasoline or waste 

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