Sentek’s proud history

18 April 2024


Sentek was first established in the early 1990s in the South Australian Riverland. Sensors were originally developed in response to grower and consultant demand for a near continuous soil moisture monitoring solution. The solution aims to answer the three questions:

  • When to irrigate without causing plant stress?
  • How much do I need to irrigate?
  • What is the irrigation scheduling priority of all my fields on my farm on any given day?

Sentek’s flagship product, the EnviroSCAN probe, is the only commercially available probe that can extend to depths beyond 30 meters and has a moisture reading resolution of >1:10,000. The Drill & Drop probe was released in 2014 and features an unparalleled fast, undisturbed installation technique for immediately valid and useable data. Sentek’s world leading IrriMAX software was designed by agronomists and provides real-time monitoring of water use for precision irrigation management. Sentek’s R&D team is constantly revolutionising the design and manufacturing of innovative products to meet farmers’ needs around the globe.

Since 1991, Sentek has expanded internationally, with over 1.7 million sensors installed worldwide in hundreds of soil types. Sentek now has over 500 dealers and business partners globally, operating in a range of climates, crops and environmental projects.

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