Solinst App Interface saves time & money

18 May 2023


When you arrive at your monitoring location wouldn’t it be great if you could access your level data quickly without having to remove the level logger? Wouldn’t it also be great if you did not have to carry your laptop around with you, try to review your data in the glaring sun and not run out of battery power halfway through a download? The solution is already available in the form of the Solinst App Interface.

The App Interface is a lightweight and compact device and is ideal for field use. It connects to the top of a Direct Read Cable and can be paired to your smartphone (Apple or Android) via Bluetooth. Using the App Interface data can be downloaded onto your smartphone and emailed or transferred directly to your PC. In addition to logged level data, you can access real-time data, check the battery level, serial number and location of the logger. You can also program and start dataloggers in the field using onboard configurations. This allows you to standardize all dataloggers across your project.

Considerable time can be saved by not having to retrieve the datalogger from the bore. Emailing data directly from your smart device will save further time. The App Interface is powered by 4 x AA lithium batteries which are very easy to swap over in the field if needed. Overall, this is a great solution for field use. Check out the full product description below.

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